Hi, hello, bonjour. My name is Chelsea. I have been interested in putting together some kind of lifestyle blog for a very long time now, and today I decided I’d take the plunge. My past experience with blogging has always been using it as a way to get my art out in the digital world (I’m a painter, by the way). It has been great to me, although you wouldn’t know it – I deleted my old blog in January with a goal of starting fresh, and between starting a new job and furthering my education I admit I have neglected it.

My issue with my other blog is that in addition to painting, I enjoy being creative in other ways as well, but don’t see my existing blog as a place to write about these other creative ventures. Thus, ashes + acorns is here to solve my dilemma.

This feels like the perfect time to sit down and start a new project. The rain is pouring outside for the first time in a long time. I pulled out my wool socks today. I just poured a cup of tea – decaf, it’s 9:30pm, I’m not crazy. September just feels right.

I’ve got a serious love for crafting, DIY, painting, ceramics, cooking, pretty things and dining out. I also have a deep love for the city I live in, Vancouver. You can expect snippets of those one week at a time. Bottom line: I’m excited.


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