For the month of November 2015 I committed to doing my first Whole30. You may have heard of this before, but if you haven’t, in a nutshell it’s 30 days of commitment to eating no sugar, dairy, legumes, grains (I’m lookin’ at you, quinoa) and alcohol. That sounds hard, right? Well, the first couple days were, but just because it involved being organized. After that, it was a wonderful, eye opening experience. I’ll write more about that another day. The reason I’m bringing it up is that with December creeping up while I was doing the Whole30, I knew cookies were on their way. I didn’t want to fall completely off the bandwagon because I was feeling so great from my sugar free diet, so I started researching paleo recipes for inspiration on refined-sugar free treats (the lesser of two evils, I suppose).

And that’s how I found paleOMG. Juli Bauer is the paleo author/chef/comedian/beauty who owns the blog – and man, is she entertaining. Let’s talk a little bit about her approach to social media.

image1 (1)
paleOMG book version. Best $25 I’ve spent! 

In addition to the blog, paleOMG is present on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. paleOMG has 349,000 followers on Facebook, 26,000 followers on Twitter, 63,000 followers on Pinterest and 212,000 followers on Instagram. The content is not only focused on food and recipes as some food blogs are. Hers is the epitome of a lifestyle blog. She has posts regarding fashion, exercise, travel, and personal musings. In fact, most of her posts have some kind of dialogue in them.

Social media loves food pics. You can tell – check out that following on Instagram and Pinterest, two very visual channels. paleOMG knows people like nice photos, and delivers on that by creating beautiful content that always links back to the blo
g. Entice people with gorgeous photography, drive clicks back to website. Perfect!

What really sets paleOMG apart from other lifestyle/food blogs and brands out there is not the photography – it’s the use of social media to engage in conversation and Juli’s ability to keep it real. She has a potty mouth, she tells it how it is and she makes no apologies for it. In the about me section of her blog, she straight out says she doesn’t care about the science behind paleo, she just loves the way it makes her feel. A far cry from people feeling the need to sound fancy and smart and justify everything they say. She just likes food, and that’s it.

She answers most of the comments on her page. She is there to talk to. The stories in her blog posts are real and human. This is so important on social media as it humanizes her brand. People love paleOMG because people love Juli.

Heck, I love Juli.


One thought on “PaleOMG

  1. Hi Chelsea:
    I love PaleoOMG. Fashion Fridays! Weekly workouts! Bacon and sausage-wrapped dates! Oh yeah! No-Bake Chocolate Caramel Tarts, oh my! These may be the recipes I’m seeking. I didn’t know what to eat when I adopted an Atkins-like diet I heard about from a kinesiology prof at the university where I work. I didn’t need to lose the weight. I just watched my dad struggle with diabetes and vowed I didn’t want to go through the same. Some of my colleagues joined in and some of them lost 50 pounds or more.
    Like you, I like the way not eating sugar makes me feel. In fact, eating sugar now gives me an unpleasant rush. I have loosened up about grains (no white bread but I’ll eat quinoa in moderation). And I will cheat if I go out to dinner. Life is for living!
    Juli Bauer’s Facebook page makes me want to buy her cookbook. That’s effective marketing. The push ups into jumps are a bit much. It makes me feel like a wuss. However, I liked the page. It reminds me of Tanja Shaw’s (a local to Chilliwack blogger and trainer) page:
    I like how Juli shows her fashion choices, but let’s face it, Jamaica? That’s not real! Not that I’m jealous or anything.
    I’m still figuring out Twitter. I started an account ( and linked it to my blog ( I have two followers: my boyfriend and a kayaking buddy. So far, so good, but all I can find of Juli Bauer is others mentioning her. I wonder if there’s a “Twitter for Dummies?” Why, yes there is!
    Juli Bauer on Pinterest has so many choices: fashion, recipes, cross fit, PaleoOMG, maple syrup…
    Juli Bauer on Instagram is nice, but not as sexy as her other social media sites.
    Nice post! Thanks, Lisa


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